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Tweet Buster: Slippery rural design, and how to add viability to your investment thesis


NEW DELHI: The bears had every one of the reasons to take whole control of Dalal Street, the bulls managed to tip them once again during the full week gone by, riding on the backside of strong FII inflows and high liquidity in the market.

That confounded most Dalal Street veterans, who distributed their thoughts and learnings on the micro-blogging site Twitting. Here are some snippets:

Independent market expert Sandip Sabharwal given notice investors against the “rural” design, saying investors need to be careful as the results could surprise you negatively.

Sabharwal also remains high on gold. With the yellowish metal already trading in all-time high levels, he / she believes given the Covid-related uncertainty and geopolitical trepidation, gold prices can move further over the next 6-12 months.

iThought co-founder Shyam Sekhar says there is a simple test out to find the “viability” of the investment theme. He says: Verify whether they feel FRESH or are getting FLOGGED.

Meanwhile, market veteran Shankar Sharma mentioned to investors of the importance of the option to take risk. He admits that there is definitely nothing without risk. “It’s only about what is “Acceptable Risk”. A good risk analyser is your best friend.”


With China-related border tensions still huddled over India, it is likely that the particular market might turn it has the focus presently there should there be any fresh enhancement.

PMS fund manager Basant Maheshwari believes the shape and the way modern wars will be fought have changed considerably. He says nations protect on their own economically and not militarily. The only way India can plough through any pressure from China can be economic growth. Maheshwari states, “Have so much of American ventures that any act regarding aggression endangers American resources. And Indian investors are generally not step children. They need to be equally nurtured.”

Sabharwal this week shared a line of Twitter explaining basic principles of GDP and actually would need for India to see a V-Shaped recovery.

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