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Tata Communications launches new enterprise platform for post-Covid-19 workplaces


Pune: Tata Communications has launched a new platform to help enterprises adapt and even rebuild their organisations in the post-Covid-19 world.

The ‘Secure Connected Digital Experience’ (SCDx) will help companies by providing an alternative that helps with various aspects including contactless experiences for staff and supply chain partners, change to digital commerce along with a digital workplace solution.

“Covid-19 is acting as a cause and accelerator of business enterprise transformation. In recent months, millions of staff include experienced working from home, consumers have embraced digital shopping and even delivery, and businesses include adapted to doing additional, virtually. These changes are inventing a new reality and are not going back to exactly how things were done just before,” said A.T Lakshminarayanan, MD and PRESIDENT, Tata Communications.

The new solution will offer enterprise-grade cooperation and security solutions, being sure that dispersed teams can work with others without compromise, as well as protected access to applications behind enterprise firewalls to boost innovation, production and efficiency.

The electronic digital customer experience platform might help recreate the in-store knowledge for b2x companies and may enable the supply chain eco-system with secure access to central enterprise applications.

It will supply secure and high-performance, zero-trust network access (ZTNA) by way of a partnership with NetFoundry, an auxilliary brand of Tata Communications.

“’As enterprises shift from concentrating on business enterprise continuity to business recovery and growth, many people urgently need to rethink his or her digital strategies and convert themselves to prosper with this digital-first ecosystem. With Safe Connected Digital Experience, our own goal is to enable companies to adopt new digital functioning models, accelerate their time for you to market and drive swiftness and resilience, giving them the instruments to innovate, invent, and even redefine their employee, purchaser and supply chain experience,” said Lakshminarayanan.

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