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Soybean futures rise on fresh bets


New Delhi: Soybean prices on Thursday night went up by Rs 5 to Rs 3 or more,880 per quintal inside futures market as stock traders created fresh positions keeping track of positive spot demand. For the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange, soybean for Oct delivery rose by Rs 5, or 1.3 or more per cent, to Rs 3 or more,880 per quintal using an open interest of 2,510 lots.

Likewise, Soybean regarding October delivery went upwards by Rs 27, or even 0.69 per cent to be able to Rs 3,948 each quintal with an open desire of 43,370 plenty.

Marketmen said bringing up of fresh positions by simply speculators on the back of upper demand mainly led to rise in soybean prices.

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