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India’s first marketing festival Star FLOW is here

India’s most celebrated marketers and global gurus will come together in the country’s first marketing festival, Star FLOW — The Change Festival, to be held in New Delhi on March 14-15. Renowned American theoretical physicist, screenwriter and author Leonard Mlodinow, communications expert Roger Fisk (widely credited with playing a key behind-the-scenes role in the backto-back electoral victories of Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012), globally acclaimed neuroscientist Beau Lotto and other international luminaries will be speaking at the star-studded event. The first edition of FLOW – The Change Festival, a Times of India initiative, will feature an energy packed idea exchange. The event comes at a time when the world is undergoing major political, social, cultural and economic transformations that are impacting global marketing strategies, leading to a rapid turnover in accepted practices and a quest for new methods to inhabit the consumer mindspace. Mlodinow will speak on ‘Why your brain is killing your ideas’.

Fisk will speak on the subject of ‘Individuals are organisers that need to be activated’. Lotto will share his views on ‘Why doubts are better than knowing’. Other speakers include Julia Izma³kowa, one of Europe’s leading humanologists, who will speak about the ‘Psychology of Lies for Business’, with numerous other sessions by global leaders. The keynote address will be by W Chan Kim, co-director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute.

Of equal relevance will be the Indian perspective. Over two days, decision makers from India Inc, from sectors as varied as automobiles, media, information technology, finance, FMCG, e-commerce and more will be part of two highpowered panel discussions on ‘Blurring of the line between India & Bharat’ and ‘Classical vs New Age Marketing’. To top it all off, there will be workshops and learning experiences. To sum up, FLOW – The Change Festival will be a free exchange of ideas at which participating marketers will meet leaders from across industries. Experts say India with its burgeoning consumer base and spiralling aspirations, often goes through swift transformations — many of an unpredictable nature — and marketers are expected to make speedy and effective responses. Adapting to such changes becomes even more tricky in the Indian context, where rapid economic growth along with sweeping changes in technology and the advent of digital media have brought about a paradigm shift in the marketing industry.

In this context, FLOW – The Change Festival is designed to gather experts from across several disciplines and geographies to examine the idea of change in all its dimensions to enable participants to set a new agenda. A cross-section of the very best minds from across the world are being invited to provide a stimulating platform that challenges conventional modes of thinking and acting.