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Indian travellers prioritising personal safety over business needs: SAP Concur


PUNE: Indian business travellers are giving priority to personal safety over business needs amid the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a study by travel and invoice management firm SAP Concur.

The SAP Concur Business Traveller Survey 2020 found that 88% of Indian business travellers feel concerned about resuming travel. They are especially worried over getting sick themselves (57%) or infecting their family (46%).

Additionally, the trip itself is likely to be anxiety-inducing: among those with concerns, 59% are concerned about staying in a hotel, 48% about being on a plane, and 32% about using public transportation.

“Emerging expectations around health and safety due to the current pandemic requires the travel industry to adapt, innovate, and transform to usher in a ‘new normal’,” said Mankiran Chowhan, managing director-Indian subcontinent at SAP Concur. “Companies need to define and maintain a balance between essential travel, government regulation guidelines, as well as the travel appetite of their employees.”

However, half the respondents said they were looking forward to their next business trip as they anticipate a drop in deal signings without a face to face meeting.

When business travel resumes, all Indian business travellers will consider some measures from their company critical for safely returning to the road. These include mandatory personal health screenings for travelling employees (48%), real-time updates and alerts on potential travel risks (40%), and easier access to personal protective equipment (37%).

Almost all of the people surveyed said that company trainings would be beneficial, especially training on how to protect their health and safety while travelling (67%, compared to 54% globally) and how to maintain healthy habits while travelling (44%).

The survey was conducted by Wakefield Research across almost 5,000 travellers across various countries, including 100 in India.

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