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Edible oil industry divided over import policy


Pune: The Solvent Extractors Affiliation (SEA), which represents all the edible oil industry, has opposed the proposal of Soyabean Processors’ Affiliation (SOPA) to place quantitative restrictions on import of soyabean and sunflower oil.

SEA has claimed that placing quantitative restrictions will result in flooding of the palm oil imports into the nation.

“We perceive from press reviews that the Soybean Processors’ Affiliation of India has despatched a proposal dated 28th July 2020, to you to limit the import of edible oils, notably soybean oil and sunflower oil by imposing quota for his or her import. We recognize the issues of the soya Industry as a lot of our members are soyabean crushers, however really feel the target of elevating home soyabean oil costs can’t be served by imposing quotas which can show to be counterproductive. Indian demand is sort of value delicate and if soyabean oil /sunflower oil import is put beneath quota restriction, it might end in extra palm oil flooding the Indian market which can hammer down our home oilseeds,” SEA has stated in a launch.

SEA has argued that decreasing of soyabean seed costs would hurt the pursuits of the soyabean rising farmer too. “This can’t be the target of the federal government once we are speaking of launching a Nationwide Mission on Oilseeds. In a nutshell, we completely disagree with SOPA’s proposal. The steered remedy is definitely worse than the illness. The answer lies in elevating the import responsibility on all oils suitably and linking it with MSP to make sure that farmers get a value above the MSP from the market and authorities companies would not have to step in for market intervention operations,” stated SEA assertion.

In response to SEA, the suggestion of getting differential import duties with quota can be a retrograde step and create confusion and implementation points. “It’s useless to say, the quota system will breed corruption in addition to cornering by some influential teams and the much less stated the higher on the quota System. The suggestion made by SOPA is counter productive and in opposition to farmers’ in addition to home refiners’ curiosity and want no motion,” the assertion stated.

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