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Companies allowed to conduct board meetings through video conference till September 30


NEW DELHI: Companies is now able to conduct board meetings through video conference and other audio tracks visual means till September 30 with the government advancing the time period amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The Corporate Issues Ministry, which is implementing often the Companies Act, has been calming various compliance requirements lately as the pandemic has interrupted economic activities as well as necessitated social distancing to stop spreading of the infection.

In March, the ministry corrected the Companies (Meetings connected with Board and its Powers) Regulations. At that time, corporates were accepted to hold their board meetings through video conference and other audio visual suggests till June 30.

Now, that time period has been expanded till September 30, relating to a notification released by the ministry on The following thursday. It also comes against the background of rising number of coronavirus cases in the country.

Last thirty days, the ministry also allowed companies to conduct yearly general meetings this year through video conference and even other audio-visual means.

Many companies and entities are already holding meetings through video conference.

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