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Reining in police unions’ power in America

Jul 11th 2020WASHINGTON, DC“THE UNION forever defending our liberties,” rhapsodises Billy Bragg, a British singer and bustler, in his song “There is Power in some form of Union”. And that, indeed, is really unions do: they advancement the…

It’s messing with Texas

Jul 4th 2020IN THE FIRST months of the coronavirus pandemic, Greg Abbott appeared comfortable to let Texas’s 254 county and 1,214 metropolis authorities take the lead. The state’s vastness—with its widening distinction between rural reaches…

Mississippi changes its colours

Jul 4th 2020THE MAGNOLIA STATE this week became the final southern state to change its state flag, removing this Confederate battle flag which in turn had formed part of the design and style. It will adopt a new the flag, incorporating the…

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