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Bank of England (BoE) Rate Decision Preview: So Much, So V


Bank of England Monetary Insurance policy Report Due 07:00BST, BoE Governor Press Seminar Released at 10:00BST

  • Bank of England to Endure Pat on Monetary Policy
  • Raised Likelihood for Short-Term Progress Projections to be Upgrade
  • Negative Rate Commentary Key to Near-Term GBP Direction


The Bank of England is not expected to make almost any major changes to the current economic policy after QE have been expanded by GBP 100bln at the prior meeting. As a result, with a 9-0 vote predicted for the Bank Rate with 0.1% and APF at GBP 745bln, with the Bank of England opting to keep the dust dry. That said, the focus will be on the accompanying declaration for any hints over damaging interest rates and the macroeconomic estimations.

So Far, So V

Economic Data: Since the last economic policy report (May), our economy looks to be tracking to some degree better than the MPC experienced initially envisaged within its illustrative scenario. The drop in growth which had been viewed at a peak-to help-trough of 27% from Q4 2019 to Q2 is now looking similar to 20%. In turn, this increases the likelihood that GDP estimations in the short term will see an upgrade. Another factor for account had been highlighted by BoE Chief Economic Haldane, that stated that fast signs (high-frequency data) suggest the particular recovery in both the UK together with global economies has come to some degree sooner and has been materially faster than expected. In spite of this, with the particular path of the recovery largely dependent on the excitement of coronavirus, the the latest flare-up in COVID conditions across the globe and parts of the UK are likely to see a a great deal more gradual recovery than the go back to pre-COVID levels by mid-2021 that the MPC had predicted. On the particular inflation dynamic, the BoE’s illustrative scenario perceives inflation returning to target by simply 2022, which much like the advancement outlook is contingent on the tendency in COVID cases. Together with this, with expectations to get a surge in the unemployment level, longer-term inflation outlook hazards being downgraded.

Bank of England May Economic Scenario

Bank of England (BoE) Rate Decision Preview: So Far, So V

Source: BoE

Surprise Mention on Bad Rates Option Could Observe GBP Weakness

Negative Rates: Perhaps the most important element to focus on is actually there is a mention over preserving negative interest rates on the table. While the BoE is currently conducting a strategic review over damaging interest rates, which is not expected to always be finalised until later back in (In time for Nov MPR) a surprise explicit which negative rates are in the insurance policy toolkit could see GBP under modest pressure along with short end rates falling. As it stands, the perspective for the Bank of England is on the dovish area as OIS markets value in negative rates by simply May 2021 thus damaging rate commentary (or shortage of commentary) will see a good notable reaction in short-end rates. As mentioned above, with an evaluation on monetary policy still to be completed a more very revealing mention of monetary insurance policy would come as to a surprise, subsequently, we would expect the BoE to wait for a more favorable time, if needed.

Money Markets Price in Bad Rates by May 2021

Bank of England (BoE) Rate Decision Preview: So Far, So V

Source: Refinitiv

EU-UK trade negotiations continues to be an interminable process with both parties reaching an atascamiento. Consequently, this will set up one other Q4 political showdown considering that the UK did not request an extension with conservatory to the transition period closing December 31st, 2020. As a result, with the clock winding lower, political uncertainty will be increased towards the year-end, potentially demanding further stimulus measures within the back on subdued action and investment.

Key MPC Commentary Since June Meeting

External members, Haskel & Tenreyro more cautious than Key Economist Haldane’s economic outlook.

Bank of England (BoE) Rate Decision Preview: So Far, So V

Source: DailyFX, BoE, Refinitiv

Option Market Reaction

As it is an acronym, GBP/USD ATM overnight suggested vols at 14.35 suggests an implied transfer of 70pips (Vanilla straddle benefits with a move above 70pips in either direction), which covers the BoE meeting as well as the US unemployment claims (option expires with 1500BST). As such, in the big event of a more upside evaluation from the BoE with a shortage of mention on damaging rates could see GBP/USD attempt a 1.32 test out.

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