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Aditya Puri says keen to work on ‘digital transformations’ after HDFC Bank stint


Mumbai: HDFC Bank chief Aditya Puri on Thursday left everybody betting about his future strategies after retirement, saying he / she wants to be involved within “digital transformations”, among areas. When asked why he / she excludes the possibility of doing anything in finance, Puri, who may be credited with leading HDFC Bank since its foundation to be the largest private market lender over a 25-year trip, replied saying, “finance together with technology are now the same”.

“I want to be concerned in education, I like to be involved in health, I want to be involved in a digital transformation across a broader spectrum and I want to enjoy myself,” Puri, who retires on March 26, said, speaking for a webinar organised by fiscal daily ‘Business Standard’.

“Abhi toh picture baaki haifisch, dekhte chalo (the picture is not over, wait together with watch),” Puri stated.

Asked if he would did anything different over the last 25 years, Puri said they had a ball building the financial institution and would do it not much different from the way because “nothing speaks such as success”.

Puri also declared there will be some changes in the method banking activities are accomplished in the future but made it obvious that despite the increase in a digital alternatives, branches are right here to stay.

“You should understand that the Indian purchaser is a very varied consumer. A lot of them want only to arrive to a branch, in particular as we move to a new semi-urban and rural parts, and senior citizens,” he / she said.

SBI Chairman Rajnish Kumar, who also gave a talk at the webinar, said it can be going to be a a digital world but role connected with branches will be very crucial.

Kumar said he would like to spend time with his grandchildren together with read once he simply leaves SBI after an through four-decade stint.

He is defined to retire in March while there are also speculations that they could get an extension.

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